Jessica killed due to love affairs: RAB

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has uncovered the mystery behind much-talked about the schoolgirl murder of Jessica Mahmud alias Jessiy (16). RAB has arrested Bijoy Rahman, the main accused in the case.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, Chief Commander of legal and media wing director of RAB, revealed the information during a press conference at RAB’s media center in Karwan Bazar of the capital on Sunday (February 5).

He said Bijoy Rahman was arrested from Wari area on Saturday (February 4) night by the intelligence wing of RAB headquarters and an expeditionary team of RAB-3. In 2019, Bijoy had love affairs with Adiba Akhtar, another accused studying in the same school. While in a relationship with Adiba Akhtar, Bijoy was also got involved in love affairs with Jessica in January 2022. Bijoy secretly got married with the other accused Adiba in February 2022 while maintaining love affairs with both of them. Later Jessica learns about the secret marriage of Bijoy and Adiba and sends screenshots of her various conversations with Bijoy on Adiba’s messenger. Bijoy and Adiba locked into altercation several times over the matter and the relationship between them started to deteriorate.

He also said, Bijoy had a discussion with Adiba at the end of December 2022 and planned to call Jessica on the roof of Bijoy’s house on January 1 this year to give a befitting teach her. As part of the pre-plan, Adiba meets Jessy on the afternoon, shows her screenshots of Jessica’s various conversations with Bijoy, and Adiba brings Jessy to the roof of Bijoy’s house to resolve the issue. Later Adiba calls Bijoy and asks him to come on the roof. Then there was an altercation between them, Bijoy and Adiba strangulated Jessy leaving her unconscious. Later, to prove their innocence, Bijoy and Adiba, with the intention of staging a drama of Jessica jumping from the roof, brought Jessica unconscious from the roof and left her on the side of the road and entered the house. Later, when Bijoy’’s uncle, who lived next door, saw Jessica lying on the side of the road and started shouting, Bijoy and his other family members came down from the house. At one stage, with the help of local people including Bijoy and his father, Jessica was taken to Munshiganj Sadar Hospital. Later, Bijoy told Jessy’s brother about her illness and asked him to come to Munshiganj General Hospital urgently. When Jessy’s brother reached the hospital, doctors on duty said that Jessy had died. Hearing about the death, Bijoy and Adiba sneaked away from there. After an autopsy on Jessy’s body, the brother learns that she was strangled to death. Later, Jessy’s brother filed a murder case against Bijoy and Adiba along with one or two other unknown accused with Sadar Police Station of Munshiganj district.


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